Cyber Attack

Category: Society & Thoughts Created on 16 May 2017
Written by Marguerita

walt disney

In the wake of the global cyber attack that hit companies in over 100 countries, hackers have taken hold of the fifth installement of The Pirates of the Carribean. CEO Bob Iger told Hollywood Reporter on Monday the 15th of May that the hackers were threatening Walt Disney studios to release the movie unless their ransom is provided.

The hackers plan to release five minutes of the movie online, then multiple twenty-minute segments gradually unless Disney studios pay them in bitcoin.

Hollywood is no stranger to these kinds of attacks. In 2014, Sony Pictures was paralysed by hackers, and ordered to not release The Interview, a comedy movie that handles the topic of North Korean leader Kim Jung-un's assassination. Just last month, hackers followed through a threat of releasing the fifth season of Orange Is the New Black because Netflix had refused to pay a ransom.

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