Going Green in 2018

Created on 30 December 2017
Written by Mayssa

Nowadays, almost everyone goes to work or to school using a car or some form of public transportion, which takes a toll on the environment and worsens global warming. Fortunately, there are now some alternative modes of transportation that do not leave their mark on the environment.

Recently, Dubai, China and Germany cooperated to invent a taxi drone they named Volocopter, which was publically tested last September in Dubai. This futuristic flying car is self-piloting, silent, and less harmful to the environment than regular helicopters since it is electrical and can be recharged instead of filled up with gas. Volocopter is built for two passengers and can fly up to half an hour. It is both a technological advancement and an eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Another alternative means of commuting, a bit hilarious yet environmentally friendly, is Benjamin Davis's from Germany. Unlike the average commuter, Benjamin Davis chooses to swim to work every day. Even though he receives a couple of weird stares from passersby, Benjamin Davis says it is less stressful and more fun to swim to work than to suffer through endless hours of traffic to finally arrive to his destination. After stuffing his work clothes, shoes, and laptop in a waterproof bag, Davis makes his way to work by swimming.

Another practical and totally eco friendly invention is The ELF vehicle, basically a bike that looks like a smart car, which uses a pedaling system, solar panels and a motor. The ELF is also almost entirely made from recyclable items.

The good news behind these and similar eco-friendly initiatives is that our planet isn’t entirely doomed to become polluted and destroyed. People can save the environment by being careful about their everyday actions and the amplified impact they can have on the planet. This way, each one of us can go green in 2018.

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