Lebanon Welcomes 2018

Created on 02 January 2018
Written by Perla

On Sunday, Downtown Beirut was filled with excited crowds all ready to welcome the new year. Hundreds of people gathered under the rain to watch the fireworks, dance, and sing their hearts out. 

Prime Minister Saad Hariri greeted everyone saying, “2017 was a difficult year, but [some] achievements were made, and work will be focused on restoring confidence in the state. I promise the Lebanese people that elections will be held on time and will be transparent.”

He also added, "This is our beloved Beirut, which we want to see, this is Beirut, the jewel of the Middle East, and this is Lebanon, and we hope to see all of Lebanon in this way, not just Beirut. I hope everyone is happy today, and I am very proud of this New Year celebration. God willing, what will come is good."

Around the country, people celebrated and bid farewell to 2017 in their own special way. Despite all the problems they constantly face, the Lebanese people sure know how to stay positive. They know that nothing can stand in their way. So as the clock struck midnight, these cheerful souls smiled as 2018 came upon us, hoping for a better year.




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