The Murder of Rebecca Dykes

Created on 04 January 2018
Written by Sabine

Both the Lebanese and British communities have been deeply shaken by the heinous murder of a young British woman in Lebanon.

On December 16, 2017, an Uber driver was arrested for the murder of Rebecca Dykes, a British woman who worked at the British Embassy in Beirut in the Department for International Development.

The murderer immediately confessed that he killed her and then threw her on a roadside in Beirut. It is also said that he tried to rape her before killing her. Investigations showed that his motives were only criminal, not political. This driver was previously imprisoned for drug use and has a criminal record.

Uber denies knowing anything about the driver’s criminal record and says that all of its drivers have clean background checks and clean judicial records.

The British Ambassador in Lebanon has expressed his sorrow and support for Rebecca’s family.

Harry Hall once said, "Crime prevention is everybody's business." It has never felt truer than in this particular case. 


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