North Korea Accepts South Korea's Proposal

Created on 05 January 2018
Written by Antranik

After recent tensions between the Far East and the USA, North Korea has accepted to hold talks with South Korea on the 9th of January to discuss inter-Korean relations and the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics were supposed to be suspended and/or transferred to a “safer” region because of the North Korean nuclear threat and because of Pyeongchang’s risky location,  about 80 kilometers from the border dividing the Korean Peninsula.

“North Korea this morning faxed a message to our side, saying it accepts the South’s proposal for talks on January 9,” a South Korean ministry official told AFP.

After receiving a phone call from South Korean president Moon Jae, Donald Trump classified this event as a “good thing” and decided to postpone military exercise until after the event, emphasizing that South Korea would perfectly handle this issue.

Kim Jong-Un felt that sending a delegation for the Winter Olympics would be a “good opportunity to show unity of the people”.

Those discussions have upgraded North Korea from “Bad Gangster” to “Wise Man”. That’s why there may still be a chance for the Winter Olympics to take place in Pyeongchang. This would be specified soon by the IOC after observing the Korean cooperation and consulting with the international community.

Could this be a new historical start for the Korean Peninsula? The answer for this question will have to wait.

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